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How do I Set Up My belkin Wifi Extender Wirelessly?

belkin Wifi Extender Wirelessly

Residing in a locality where the signals are poor is nothing more than a compulsion. And if your wifi radiations are not good enough to reach inside your home. Also, you are facing networking glitches or issues while working on the internet. It would be best to urgently switch to a wifi extender to resolve your networking issues. Now, the question arises here which wifi that you should connect to. The best answer is the Belkin wifi extender wirelessly, which helps boost your wifi signals radiations in reaching any corner of your home. This wifi extender will not burn your pocket as it is cheaper than a router. 

Moreover, the device Belkin wifi extender works as a repeater for the router’s wireless signal. You do not need cables and wires to set up. But, some steps are here to know how to set up and make a Belkin wifi extender wirelessly work. 

Furthermore, here are some things to remember before you start:

  1. A Belkin wifi range extender.
  2. Require the name of an existing wifi network that you have and its wireless router’s network name(SSID). Remember, suppose that if you are using a dual-band router, you need to secure the SSID and wireless password of both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network bands.
  3. A wifi cable device where you would like to see the Belkin wifi extender wirelessly perform.The devices are- computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Number of steps are mentioning below to know how we can set up the Belkin wifi extender-

  • Start by plugging your range extender into a power plug that will be within the range of your router’s wireless network. 
  • Secondly, by using your wifi-capable device, locate and connect to the Belkin Setup network. Afterward, wait for your device to connect with the Belkin setup network before starting further. 
  • Notably, if the network is not appearing, you need to reset the range extender. For doing this, keep on pressing the range extender’s button for a maximum of 10 seconds. Later, Proceed with the range extender before connecting with the network again.
  • Next, start a browser and enter “belkin.range” in the search bar, then jump to tap GO. Optionally, for accessing the range extender’s web-based setup page, you can also enter “” in the search bar.
  • Tap on Get Started on the page that will open for moving forward. Afterward, automatically, it will start searching your router’s SSID. 
  • Further, search and select the wireless network you would like to extend. Then, when you finish the previous process. Tap Next to continue. Later, wait for the setup to connect with the network. If your network is not on the list, you can click Refresh for reloading. 
  • When you complete the previous process, move forward by entering your wireless network’s password. Then proceed by tapping to Next. Then, please wait for the setup until it identifies and approves your password. 
  • On the other hand, if you have a dual-band network, you can select the second wireless network you want to be extended. Next, repeat step 6 and tap to Next once you have done. A single-band Belkin wifi range extender will only detect the 2.4 GHz band.

Finally, complete by reviewing the Extended network information. You can tab Edit if there’s a need for the changes in the filled information. Otherwise, you can proceed further with the setup by jumping onto the Create Extended Network button. Your extender is now set up. Later on, the network settings will appear on the screen; even the printing information option is given to you if you need the information descriptively. 

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