Belkin Router Login

Belkin Setup

Belkin Setup

Multiple Ways to Set Up Your Belkin Router

After powering on your router, follow the illustrative procedures that are quoted below for Belkin setup. 

On iOS Device

  1. Power on your mobile. Spot the “Settings” icon and then tap on it. You will get to see different options on your screen. Select “Wifi” and following this, switch on the Toggle button given next to the Wifi option. 
  2. A list containing all the Wireless Network Names that are nearby your area will come into view. Simply select your default Belkin router name and the “Enter Password” pop-up box will be presented on your screen. Type your password using the on-screen keyboard and tap Join. You can obtain both the credentials from the label pasted on the back of your router. 
  3. After connecting to the default router name, you will automatically be redirected to the web-based router page of Belkin. If not, you have to manually open the setup page. For that purpose, access a protected and safe web browser to commence the Belkin Setup process. Input in the address bar and then tap on the Enter key for reaching the Belkin Router Login window.  
  4. Continuing with this, tap on the “Detect my Connection” tab and your Belkin router will start looking for the Firmware updates. Firmware is a software that runs your router so it’s important to keep it up-to-date. If any firmware update is detected, it will promptly get installed. 
  5. A new window will pop-up on which you will be allowed to set your router settings. In the very first place, customize your Network Name so that you can recognize it easily among the different Wifi names. Following this, generate a Password, set a Security Type, and tap “Save and Continue”. 
  6. Keep waiting till your router completes the “Reboot” process. When done, you have to link your device to the same network that you have set in the above step. In this manner, you can conveniently perform the Belkin Setup process via mobile. 

By Accessing Router Configuration Page on PC

  1. The initial step is to develop a strong network connection among your PC and Belkin router. You can do so by either acquiring the Ethernet Cable and connecting it to your PC. Alternatively, build a wireless network connection on your PC by selecting the Belkin default router name. 
  2. Make a selection for a web browser and insert the router’s IP address i.e in the address bar. This will bring up the “Authentication Required” pop-up box on your screen. Type “admin” in small-case letters in the Username field and then hit the “Log In” tab. 
  3. A Belkin Router Setup window will be available on your screen. From the left panel of the main interface, spot the “Connection Type” option, and then select it. Now, select your internet Connection Type and click Apply Changes. 
  4. Along with this, select the Wireless option and set your Wireless Name, and Password on the basis of your preference. Furthermore, you can enable guest access, change DHCP settings by clicking on their tabs. 
  5. When you are done by making all the required adjustments, tap “Apply Changes”. Now, reconnect your PC again with a new wireless name and password. 

Through Belkin Setup CD

Link all the devices together i.e router, modem, and computer. Then, place the CD properly into the disc drive of your PC. A Belkin Setup window will come into view. Click Setup or Install. After a few seconds, you will be requested to input the default credentials namely Username and Password. Once you have specified the detail, click Finish. Once your router gets installed, you can register it or change the wireless settings. 

Useful Techniques to Resolve Belkin Setup Issues

  • While Belkin Setup, if your PC fails to connect with the router, you should place the Belkin close to your PC to eradicate all the obstacles. 
  • If you are using an Ethernet cable for connection, check it appropriately. If the cable is damaged or in a bad condition, use a new branded cable to form a stable connection among your device and router. 
  • If the Belkin login page is not displaying, clear all the cache files of your web browser and update it. 
  • Ensure that you are mentioning the correct router’s IP address while login into your router. 
  •  If the above ways do not work, you should factory reset your router