Know about your Belkin router

Belkin is the leading Company which manufactures networking products such as routers, modems, switches. Here, we will talk about routers. Belkin routers help us to have a stable internet connection. The latest wireless technology that is 802.11 AC standard is there in every latest router of Belkin. There are two frequency bands, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. A user will get more speed on 5 GHz than on 2.4 GHz.

The setup of the router is easy and reliable. A user with not much knowledge of routers can easily follow the steps and set up the router. You will get the setup wizard window instead of Belkin router login page if you are performing the setup for the first time.

How to setup Belkin router?

We are providing some easy steps for Belkin setup. Follow them and you will have your Belkin router running in few minutes. For any trouble encountered during this process, you can contact us through live chat.

Steps to setup belkin router are as follow

  • Place your router near to the modem.
  • Turn off your modem and connect modem to the router.
  • Supply power to the modem first and then to the router.
  • Connect a device such as computer to the router. Connect wirelessly through the network name of the router. You can find the details on the product label of the router.
  • Open an internet browser from this device and then type http://router in the address bar. (Note: If you are unable to access the home page through web address then use IP address)
  • Router will automatically detect internet connection when you click on detect my internet connection.
  • Follow the instructions. At one time, your router will check for the firmware update. If any firmware update is available, it will start updating the firmware. Wait till router update the firmware.
  • On the next screen, it will show you two fields new network name and password. If you want you can change the existing otherwise go on with the default values.
  • Next screen is of registration. Register your product for support. Otherwise, you can take help from us to get solutions for your issues.
  • Your router is now setup and ready for use.

How to log in to my Belkin router web interface?

A user has to open the web interface of the router when he wants to alter the settings. We are giving some simple and easy steps to open the web management console of your Belkin router. If you get trouble while opening the console, we are here for your help.

Steps to open web console of Belkin router

Connect your computer to the Belkin router using an Ethernet cable.

Open a web browser and type in the address bar of the browser you have opened. Note: Default IP 168.2.1 Belkin router set up

Belkin login page prompts. Enter the login credentials. Enter the changed one if you have done so before otherwise use the default credentials.

Click on log in button. Belkin router dashboard opens. Now you can configure your Belkin router.

Fix common issues related to your Belkin router

Issue1: Intermittent wireless internet connection

Solution: To resolve this issue, change the channel of your router. Channel number 6 and 11 are considered non overlapping channels. Same channel across all the devices may cause interference. Select a different channel to enhance performance and reliability. Another reason for this issue is range. May be your device is not in the range of your router’s network. Put your device closer to the router and then access something from your computer’s internet browser.

Issue2: The firmware is not up to date

Solution: Router’s firmware also causes issue if it is not up to date. So, check for the firmware update. If any available then download and upload it. A new firmware comes with some encoded instructions to enhance the performance of a router.

Issue3: Not able to connect to the Wireless connection of your Belkin router

Solution: You must have the correct credentials to connect to the wireless network of your router. Check the wireless settings by opening the web management console of your router. To know more, get in touch with us via live chat.

For any other issue, our team is available 24/7 for your help. Make us a call or chat live. Our team member will stay connected till the issue will not get resolved. Other issues include Belkin router dashboard asking for a password and you forgot the same,